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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Best Movie Weapons a Revision

I heard through the Grapevine that they recently released a list of the 10 best movie weapons. According to 2000 moviegoers by 20th Century Fox, this is the list of 10 best weapons.

1. Lightsaber (Star Wars)

2. .44 Magnum (Dirty Harry)

3. Bullwhip (Indiana Jones)

4. Samurai sword (Kill Bill)

5. Chainsaw (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

6. Golden Gun (James Bond - The Man With The Golden Gun)

7. Bow and arrow (Robin Hood)

8. Machine gun (Scarface)

9. The Death Star (Star Wars)

10. Bowler hat (James Bond - Goldfinger)

Some of these seem reasonable (Machine Gun, Lightsaber, Chainsaw) but you know me, I've got to add my own. So here are some great movie weapons that I think they missed. Be sure to add yours in the comment box.

1. The Flying Guillotine

I remember this watching Sunday afternoon movies on channel 26

2. The Wolverine aka Weapon X

3. Xenia Ziragavna Onatopp, Famke Janssen character in 007 Golden Eye, with her unique method of assassination - Crushing lovers or foes with her tightly toned thighs.

4. Feddy Krugger's glove


Blogger edluv said...

all good additions to the list.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

I would add the spaceships from Independence Day.

8:48 PM  
Blogger The Jay said...

I didn't think anyone else had ever seen "Master of the Flying Guillotine"!!!! I totally remember the channel 26 saturday kung fu theater specials, and that one was always my favorite.

My favorite scene is this: One-armed boxer vs. super yoga Indian

7:28 AM  

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