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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Open Letter to Super Nanny

Dearest Super Nanny,

I thoroughly enjoy watching you ever week as you demoralize bad American parents and make their snotty bratty kids cry. However whilst, you are in the Colonies it would be best that you adjust your vocabulary so that the dumb Americans and their offspring will understand you.

Just as an example, we pronounce the "th" in words as "thh" not "vf" (ie Mother is not pronounced "Mu-vf-er" nor is Together pronounced "to-ge-vf-er). Also Americans generally call those things, that hold soup and stewed tomatoes at the store, cans not tins. You may confuse young children when asking them if they "want to have a go at it" please ask them if they want a turn. Also when referring to nouns in sentences we usually add a pronoun. So rather than saying "sit here at table", try adding the word "the" to your sentence. It may take some practice but I'm sure you can do it.


Blogger Adam said...

Sick burn!

12:52 PM  

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