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Friday, December 29, 2006

Answers to some Questions

These questions have come up a few times in conversation, so I felt it was time I answered them.
  1. What's the deal with Monticore
  • Monticore is the Tiger that I am posing with in my profile picture. I wanted some aninimity when posting so I thought that would be a good name.

  • Montecore is a male white tiger which was in Siegfried & Roy's white tiger troupe, used in illusion and magic acts.

  • On October 3, 2003, the tiger made headlines when owner Roy Horn was bitten on the neck by Montecore.

  • It is disputed whether or not the tiger attacked Horn. Montecore had been trained by Horn since he was a cub; he had performed with the act for six years. Siegfried Fischbacher, appearing on the Larry King interview program, said Horn fell during the act and Montecore was attempting to drag him to safety, as a mother tigress would pull one of her cubs by the neck. FischbacherMontecore had no way of knowing that Horn, unlike a tiger cub, did not have fur and thick skin covering his neck and that his neck was vulnerable to injury. Fischbacher said if Montecore had wanted to kill Horn, the tiger would have snapped his neck and shaken him back and forth. said

2. What does Craptanisty Land mean.
  • Well, ever since I hear Bart Simpson utter the words 'it's craptastic" I've been hooked. According to the Urban Dictionary
    Craptastic is in a good sense, the quality of being so crappy that the object is humorous or desirable. Etymology: blend of the words 'crap' and 'fantastic'
  • When I thought of naming my blog I though of Craptasnisty Land because it's like Fantasy Land in Disney Land only it's supper duper crappy.


Blogger Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Would this be because of all the questions the other night? Thanks for the explanation. It's "craptastic!" Ha ha... cracking myself up

7:49 PM  
Blogger Monticore said...

Well, in a way yes, but many others have asked.

7:57 PM  

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