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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Favorite World Series Moments

Bat Boy Stikes Agian

One of my favorite moments involves 3 1/2 year old bat-boy and son of Giants manager Darren Baker.


It was the seventh inning, and Kenny Lofton hit a one-out triple off the wall in right-center. J.T. Snow, perched on third, sprinted home to score the Giants' ninth run of the game. As he neared home plate, however, Snow noticed Darren, in all of his innocent eagerness to retreive Lofton's bat, standing about two inches off the plate.

Snow heroically managed to touch home plate, grab Darren by the back of his jacket and whisked the tot away before David Bell crossed the plate and collided with the younger Baker.

I followed his bat-boy career for years after this. Another favorite moment was when the Giants lost this series and all the "little Giants" were crying. I remember Darren being quoted in the paper as saying "We'll get em next year."

The Zimmer Toss

Remember...Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez threw 72-year-old Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer to the ground during a bench-clearing melee that interrupted Game 3 of the AL championship series Saturday.

Both benches cleared again, and Zimmer headed for Martinez and lunged at him. Martinez sidestepped, grabbed Zimmer by the head with both hands and tossed him to the ground. Zimmer landed face down and rolled over on his back.

After I saw this I thought... Wow! I got to watch more baseball. Now I know that this happend durring a playoff game but it's still a fav.

I couldn't find a picture of the Zimmer Toss but I did find his apology

"I'm embarrassed of what happened yesterday. I'm embarrassed for the Yankees, the Red Sox, the fans, the umpires, and my family. That's all I have to say. I'm sorry."

Horatio Sands did a great impression of this on SNL.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i also liked that the giants won the series that year. i was so proud. oh wait, dusty baker screwed it up, and they choked it away.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Jimmie said...

The greatest World Series moment ever involves two words: Kirk Gibson.

Coming in second on my list is when the Yankees were playing the Padres and Scott Brosius hit a home run and the microphone on the wall picked up Steve Finley saying, "F@#&ing Brosius."

7:31 PM  
Blogger Monticore said...

My brother added that his favorite World Series Moment was the Earthquake becaue he didn't have to watch the game anymore

7:15 PM  

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