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Monday, July 30, 2007

A Tale of Two Coreys: Review

I've been anticipating the premier of Two Coreys on A & E. The show stars Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, two of my favorite long-washed-up celebs from 80's. According to A & E:

"They were kings of the 80's teen box office. Their posters hung on bedroom walls and their faces adorned countless magazine covers. They had it all. Money. Fame. Girls. Then each was faced with personal setbacks. While Feldman ultimately took control of his life, Haim's life and career took a downturn. Now, nearly two decades later after taking separate paths in life, the friends are back together on-screen and under one roof"

Now based on Corey Feldman's previous performances on the reality show The Surealife, I was excepting alot of this show. Unfortunately last nights back to back episodes left me cold. It appears that Feldman has been given too much final say in the editing process and I as a viewer suffer. Gone are the rants about why, vegetarians can wear leather shoes if they were a gift from a friend, but can't eat a steak if a friend buys you one. However there isn't a lot of competition on Sunday nights so I'm sure I will give it another go.

The best moment of the show was when the Coreys were comforting themselves after learning that they were not asked to be in the cast of the upcoming Lost Boys II.


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