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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Narcissist of the Week 11/06/09

For the five of you who read my blog, I apologize for my extended break in acknowledging the actions of those who continually achieve excellence in narcissism. I've been battling and cold and trying to juggle my professional life and my blogging and general communication skills have suffered. I even made a half-ass post a couple of weeks ago award to David Miscavige the CEO of the Church of Scientology for dressing his dog up like an official church officer and making others salute him but couldn't get around to editing it in time. So just save yourselves sometime and check out the Martin Bashir interview on Nightline a couple weeks ago.The week before that I wanted to award the London 2012 Olympics logo for being so lame and so deaf to criticism.Last week I wanted to give the award to Tyra Banks for having some of the Models on ANTM take pictures in black face make up.

But what's done is done and this is a new week, So congratulations to the 53% of voters in Maine who decided that you want to take away the right of other consenting adults to marry. Do you think your win has stopped same sex people from being in loving committed monogamous relationships? Do you think this stops them from having sex or being gay? Do you think this strengthens your hetero marriages or stops children from learning about the LGTBQ lifestyle?

This is a very Narcissistic move on your part. Honestly I don't give a rat's ass about 99.99% percent of the people in this country who get married. If a drunk 20 year old pop star wants to get married in Las Vegas to her childhood friend, who cares? It doesn't affect me or change my view of marriage. The only marriages I care about are the marriages of those people I know and love. The rest of them "ca sara" it's not my place.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Until I can get them on Facebook