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Friday, October 20, 2006

R.I.P. Cao Boi

My favorite Character on Survivor Cao Boi (pronounced Cow Boy) was voted out of survivor. In his memory I will count down my top 5 favorite Cao Boi Moments.

5. Refering to the immunity idol as a memeber of the tribe and the "queen."

4. When you hiked over to the oppossing teams camp and begged for spices.

3. The red marks that you left on your team mates forheads when you tried to use an "old world" cure for their headaches.

2. When you kept your asian teamates awake all night telling asian jokes such as What do you call a Vietnemese with three dogs?""A restaurant owner" Even though they asked him to shutup at least 3 times.

1. Knocking that poor baby booby bird out of it's nest.

Ohh Cao Boi I will miss all the good times we could have had together on Thursdy night.


Blogger Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Yeah, I stopped liking him so much after he knocked the babies out of their nest. What a dork. BUt I did like when he "cured" the headache. I though that maybe I could try that next time with Scott when he gets a migraine. It probably won't help Scott any, but hey... it will make me feel better! :)

6:01 AM  

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