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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

De Beers Does it again

I mentioned this to Adam, Ed and Kendall at Pizza last night but I'll share it with you. De Bears has found a new way to sucker us into feeling that we must buy more diamonds to show our love a devotion to others.

Some quick history first. De Beers has been credited with making the Diamond the standard gift to symbolize love. They have made the Diamond the choice stone world-wide for engagement and wedding rings. This happens even in countries who have traditionally used other stones or gems (ie India and the sapphire and Japan and the Pearl)

The first campange I can remember is "A Diamond is forever". They also introduced the assumption that an engagement ring should cost as much as a 2 or 3 months salary. But recently we've been told that one diamond is not enough and if you really love someone you give them the 3-stone ring to symbolize past, present and future.

Then the idea of the right-hand ring came into play with catchy line ""Your left hand says 'we,' " reads one ad. "Your right hand says 'me.' " "Your left hand is your heart," claims another. "Your right hand is your voice."

This latest one takes the cake. They have introduced the "love is a journey collection." Please look at the picture below. It seem that guys will now be subjected to endless pressure to provide more and larger diamonds then before. I guess diamonds might not be as rare as they once claimed. The slogan is "with every step love grows."

Monday, August 28, 2006

Emmy 2006 Best and Worst

I didn't watch the Emmy's but I reviewed the fashion for you because that is the best thing about these award shows.

First the Best, I didn't include too many because the Worst is my favorite. Overall most people looked pretty good but these are the few standouts.

The Best
Jennifer Love Hewit
I know I can't believe I picked her too but she looks really pretty.

Evangeline Lilly (Lost)
Very pretty color and it makes the most of what she's got.

Jeremy Piven
Okay so he looks a little like John Lovitz but the Ascott and Navy jacket is great. Plus he brought his mom

Katherine Heigel (Grey's Anatomy)
Ooh La La!

The Worst
Gillian Anderson
Quick Call Mulder, we need to open an X-file to investigate why Scully is wearing this house-coat to the Emmys.

Tyra Banks
Why Miss Tyra I do believe that dress is see-through.