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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What My Job is Like

If anyone was interested what goes through my mind everyday at work, this video pretty much sums it up

Friday, May 18, 2007

Are Starbury's "Bitten" by sweatshops?

Okay I was watching Oprah today and I saw Steven Marbury and Sarah Jessica Parker sell their fashion wares to the public. As most of you know Marbury has created a line of atheletic shoes that are hip, high quality and under 15 $. The line called Starbury's is created "so you can stay fly and still stay on budget. It’s about maximum shine for minimum expense…You feel me?”

Sarah Jessica Parker's line Bitten's moto is "Fashion is not a luxury it's a right." Her clothes are all under 20$ and appear to be made using quality fabrics.

I love the idea of making fashion affordable but I have to wonder if these clothes are made in sweatshops. This article of in the Nation does too. However I'm sure the more expensive clothes I buy at Ann Taylor or Macy's are not necessarily sweatshop proof.