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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Buffalo Grass Update

So I am still really excited about Buffalo Grass so I called Takao Nursery today to ask some questions. It turns out it's not too late to plant Buffalo Grass (good through August). Also I asked and it is much more drought resistant than Bermuda Grass. One of the best things is that the planting is really cheap and low maintenance For the size of my lawn it would cost approximately 42 dollars for plugs. The prep work is really minimal. They recommended that I use a herbicide to kill all the Bermuda a weeds and then plant the plugs 1/8 of inch into the ground and cover lightly with dirt. They actually recommended that I didn't disturb the soil by aerating or rototilling because it would activate other seeds (probably what happened with my last attempt). After the plugs are planted they recommended that I only water them 1 time a day as opposed to the 3-4 times that the Bermuda recommends. Once the plants are secure (30 days) I only have to water once or twice a week and not at all during the winter. I still need to talk to the big guy about this but it sounds really practical.


Blogger edluv said...

do it. at least in the front yard. maybe we'll keep the back yard for croquette.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

so did you put it in?

6:46 PM  
Blogger edluv said...

we have to kill the old grass first. we have the roundup and need to spray it. then like 10 days later we can plant. so, maybe in like 2 weeks.

8:07 AM  

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