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Thursday, February 28, 2008

And You Thought Tyra's Life was tough-Rated M for Mature

Watching America's Next Top Model these last few years has taught me many things. Most importantly that modeling is tough! Over the year I have seen my share of models who had there challenges. However this season no joke one girl has a serious problem. One Model, Fatima is Somalian and she mentioned that she has undergone the process of Female Genital Cutting (FGC). I generally refer to this as Female Genital Mutilation but that is not the Politically Correct Term.

Well I thought I had an idea what FGC entailed but I seen now I was only aware of Type I FGC. It appears there are Three degrees of FGC. I posted a picture below to further disgust you.

Although these pictures are disturbing I was glad to become more aware of the degree of mutilation that occurs to these women. In the case of Fatima, she has Type III and in my readings I learned that married women are excepted to have intercourse, concieve and delievery children in this state. "A reverse infibulation can be performed to allow for sexual intercourse or when undergoing labor, or by female relatives, whose responsibility it is to inspect the wound every few weeks and open it some more if necessary. During childbirth, the enlargement is too small to allow vaginal delivery, and so the infibulation must be opened completely and restored after delivery. Again, the legs are sometimes tied together to allow the wound to heal. When childbirth takes place in a hospital, the surgeons may preserve the infibulation by enlarging the vagina with deep episiotomies. Afterwards, the patient may insist that her vulva be closed again"

So now I hope you are also as disturbed as you are informed.

Tyra Makes a Difference

Now we all know that Tyra Banks has made it her life's goal to better the world but I was really taken a back this week by her latest act of random kindness. And when I say "random" I mean to say...It makes no sense and leaves me speechless.

Yesterday on Tyra's show she brought on a women who recently underwent gender re-assignment. So Tyra selflessly gave this "new women" a very special gift. What is this gift you ask?

A new house? No
A makeover? No that's too superficial

No Miss Tyra gave this women a wonderfully informative lesson on how to pee with her "new equipment". I tell you this is riveting television and true public service.

Thank You Tyra for all you do and have yet to do.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Why Must You Taunt Me?

Today I received the new Sundance Catalog and fell in love with these items.

To me the Sundance Catalog is always a mixed blessing. I can always count on it to have at least 50 pages worth of items that I envy and lust after but, alas I don't have an extra 50 grand lying around so that I can live a simple and rustic lifestyle.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Survivor Fans vs. Favorites: A viewers re-cap with some videos

So I wanted to get my thoughts out to the public before Joel McHale steals them for the “Soup” on Friday.

Here we have Johnny Fair Play’s thoughts about ethics in the game of Survivor and then Mikey B. runs down the playbook for his tribe and gives his tribe mates some not-so-kind nicknames. I wonder what they will call him? So after this “Big Bird” has some awkward exchanges with Nick about his homosexuality and with Tracy about her breast implants. (This video is 7 minutes long but worth it)

Meanwhile over at the Favorites camp it is giant love-fest, which only foreshadows ill things to come.

But wait, it's 18 minutes into the show and we have our first breakdown from Big Bird.

Back at the Favorites camp it seems that before breakfast the tribe has already broken up into foursomes for alliance. They also have both recruited Johnny Fair Play as their 5th. Not a good plan in my book especially since he just tell each alliance what the other alliance says. I say kill the rat. But these guy a stupid and are all jumping at the chance to have this loser in their alliance.

At the end of it my vote goes to Erik for daring to wear his track and field shorts to the island and for throwing dirt on the Favorites during the challenges