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Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Pictures

As requested by Becky here are some pictures.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tell it Like it is.

On this week's episode of survivor Nate was voted out. What I appreciated most were his parting words. Generally when people are voted out, even if they are back-stabbed, they something bland, like I had a great time but I'm sad to go. However not Nate, look what he had to say.

After the tribes merge, Nate Gonzalez, the 26-year-old shoe salesman from Los Angeles, California, gets blindsided at Tribal Council. Feeling completely cheated, Nate explains, "It hurts to leave this early in the game. Jonathan, you can kiss my ass! You a dirty stanky, whack fruitcake who sold me out, who sold out our tribe when we brought you in. You trading bastard. So kiss my ass, Jonathan. Other than that everyone I love. But that's how it's gotta be in this world."

I also love that CBS entitled this episode "Snap! Back to selling shoes."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Baby Tender

If you have been around me for any length of time you know that I often make jokes. One of my jokes has been about the Skinner Box that B.F. Skinner raised his children in. These jokes often rotate around the idea that I would only have children if I could get a hold of one of these Baby Tenders to raise them in .I was recently inspired by Ed's post about a baby keeper, to do a little research about the baby tender.

Now, I know ignorance is bliss. When I looked up the Baby Tender on the internet I found out it was only an Urban Legend. Unfortunately it appears that Skinner's new invention was only an enclosed and heated crib with a plexiglass window. He sent an article to the popular magazine the Lady's Home Journal. Changing Skinner's title to grab attention, the article came out as "Baby in a Box". The "baby tender", as Skinner called his crib, was used only as a bed for the new baby. Deborah had a playpen and spent as much time out of her bed as do other infants. But inevitably confusion occurred between the baby tender and the "Skinner Box."

Well, I guess this postpones my having children at least another 5 years.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Thank You Fox

Well it looks like my letter worked. After a firestorm of criticism, News. Corp. said Monday that it has canceled the O.J. Simpson book and television special "If I Did It."

Sorry Becky and Malisa, you will have to get your chuckles somewhere else.

Pete Yorn Concert

Well on Saturday night Ed, Kasey, Kendall and I braved the fog and went to Handford. Why Handford you ask. The great tasting water? No. Superior Dairy? Wrong Again.
Pete Yorn, one of my favs was playing at the Fox theater. We had a little trouble finding the Theater but after asking for directions at the local Rite Aide and yelling out the window of the car for "Pete" we found it. When we were walking in we saw a lady wearing a cowboy hat that said "Pete Yorn." Later we saw that her self-made T-Shirt indicating that this was her 11th time seeing Pete this year. Wow that's dedication.
On our way to our seats I overheard on of the theater's ushers that they only sold 250 tickets (theater holds 1200). Needless to say when the lights went down we moved up to the 2nd row center stage. I had a great time but I felt bad for Pete because he had to tell the crowd to stand up and there were so few people. Still he played some great tunes as well as a cover of "there's a light and it never goes out" by the Smiths and "A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine" by the grateful Dead. The band that he plays with called "minibar" was great especially the bass player. If you don't know who Pete Yorn is please watch this video or look him up on Wikipedia. Oh and guess what he is Jewish!!!

Pete Yorn

When we saw Pete he was wearing the same hat and red shirt. The shirt and hat looked liked they had took a beating. The shirt had a lot of stains and holes in it.
This video is cute. It reminds me of my favorite Blur Video.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shame on you Fox Network

Dear Fox Programing Executives,

I am usually content to sit by and watch with a slight chuckle and head nod while you make your unconventional choices for programing. I am used to the high quality and riveting programs you bring us, like When Animals Attack Part 2, Joe Millionaire, Celebrity Boxing and Married by America. I am also inspired by your Network's versions of other opposing Network's shows, such as, Trading Spouses, So you think you can dance and Nanny 9-1-1. But recently I feel you've taken a mis-step when you hired O.J. Simpson to star in a show describing how he would have carried out the Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman murders, if he committed them. My concern is not that he hasn't paid the Brown or Goldman family any of the 35 million dollars they were awarded, when a judge determined in civil court, that O.J. was responsible for the murders, or that this might be considered to be in bad taste, to speculate on how you would have killed you ex-wife and her friend if you had that chance. My concern is that this is distracting O.J. from his quest in life which, is to find Nicole and Ronald's killer. Before he began devoting his attention to this show I felt he was really closing in on the real killer and was coming close to providing the Brown and Goldman families with justice. Thank you for allowing me to voice my concerns.

signed Monticore

LOS ANGELES, Nov 15 (Reuters) - The Fox television network says it plans to air an O.J. Simpson interview this month in which he describes, hypothetically, how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend 12 years ago if he had committed the crime.

Monday, November 06, 2006

What I learned from tradgedy

Tonight I attended the community meeting regarding the student at Ahwahnee middle school, who was killed by another student. It was an open forum and people were allowed to voice their comments to the public.

When I learned how to de-breif kids in crisis, the first thing I learned, was that kids always want to know if this could happen to them or if they are safe. It turns out that this is true for adults too. I learned that, just like little kids, everyone who spoke only talked about themselves and their own experiences. Most of the comments had nothing to do with this tradegic event. Many people talked about their own experiences with bullying (Chief Dyer made it public that the fight had nothing to with bullying). Others spoke about drugs on High School campuses (again not relevant). Many crittized the district, police department, parents and the children who watched the fight. One lady read a terrible poem that wasn't even inspired by the tradgedy. Few offered condolences to the family (who was in attendance) or any helpful suggestions.

I guess the only thing I learned is that adults are just as ego driven as little kids and as one lady put it "this wouldn't have happened if they hadn't taken prayer out of school." Geez Louise what a waste of 2 1/2 hours.

Art's N' Crafts Wedding

Ed, and I went to his cousin's wedding this weekend in San Francisco. The church is a Historical Landmark and is located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood. Here are a few pictures I wanted to share.

A Statement of Significance reads: "The Swedenborgian Church ecclesiastical complex is an ensemble of buildings that is exceptionally valuable to our understanding of the development of a style of architecture we now call the First Bay Tradition, the harbinger of the Arts and Crafts Movement in the western United States. Natural materials, domestic scale and appearance, traditional and earthy structural forms, and site-specific designs define the First Bay Tradition. The visionary Swedenborgian minister Joseph Worcester brought together leading architects of the First Bay Tradition, A. Page Brown, A.C. Schweinfurth, and Bernard Maybeck, as well as the contemporary painter William Keith, stained-glass artist Bruce Porter, artist Mary Curtis Richardson and other designers and craftsmen to create an integrated complex of buildings. ... Like the closely-allied Arts and Crafts Movement, the First Bay Tradition developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and stressed a comprehensive design approach: from architecture to interior furnishings, from fixtures to artwork. The church is one of the earliest, most influential and best surviving examples of this important national and regional building tradition."

The following is an excerpt of the National Landmarking Committee's commentary supporting its decision to grant Landmark status: The Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco is "…a critically important example of the American contribution to the Arts and Crafts Movement as exemplified in new architectural imagery, integration with the site, garden design, and use of natural materials. The interior shows the employment of the decorative arts to create a special atmosphere, and also the first examples of the 'mission chairs.' ... The Church is important as an example of the Swedenborgian contribution to American religious, social theory and intellectual life."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And I just can't get enough

I don't know why but I just can't get enough Borat. Everytime I hear a Borat drop or clip on the radio I laugh out loud. What is it with this guy that has me watching his every move and recording every interview he does.

Very Nice!